Jayaraj JCB Rentals

Need a JCB rental for a few weeks or more- No problem, just rent one from the Jayaraj Automobile Agency

At Jayaraj JCB, we understand that not everyone needs to own a JCB. Many a time, customers need a JCB vehicle for a job that lasts for a few days to a few weeks. For those situations, renting a JCB makes the most sense. We have a fleet of JCB machines to rent out for such needs - ranging from Backhoe Loaders to Telescopic Handlers, Excavators and Compactors.

JCB rentals are subject to certain terms and conditions. Scroll down below to read the terms and conditions

JCB Rental Service

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Rentals - Terms & Conditions

  • The minmum rental duration is 15 days. If additional time is needed, then a separate request has to be made to Jayaraj JCB
  • A rental deposit equaling 50% of the cost of rental is payable before the machine is taken on rental.
  • Once a rental request is placed, Jayaraj JCB will evaluate the request to validate if the JCB is suited for the job. If it is deemed that the JCB requested is not the ideal JCB, Jayaraj JCB will not be able to rent the vehicle
  • The site location where the JCB will be used needs to be approved by Jayaraj.
  • The reservation is done on a first-come first-served basis.
  • During the rental period all risks and liabilties are borne by the party taking the machine on rent
  • Jayaraj JCB reserves the right to decline the rental service for various reasons.